A Dog’s Cry for Help: Abandoned on Tracks, Left Exhausted and Collapsed

A canine was stranded on the railway tracks for a few days and had to call out for help until it became too weak to continue and collapsed.

Desty’s tale is one of endurance and optimism. After being struck by a train, she was abandoned on the railway for days, experiencing immense agony and pleading for assistance. Despite her cries, she was forced to endure the pain alone until she ultimately gave up hope and accepted her destiny.

She remained motionless for several days, lying next to her friend who had passed away only a few feet from her. Although she called out for help and screamed for assistance, nobody offered any aid. Her survival was miraculous when she was ultimately discovered.

As soon as she reached the veterinary clinic, she was in a critical state. Her body temperature had dropped significantly, and she couldn’t even take a step. Yet, despite her severe condition, she never lost hope. The committed vets stepped in and worked tirelessly to nurse her back to health.

According to the initial examination, Desty had suffered from two fractures in her cervical area, which meant that the chances of her survival appeared bleak. Nevertheless, with the aid of a specialist and two successful surgeries, the odds turned in her favor, and she got a chance to fight for her life. Along with her injuries, she was diagnosed with several illnesses such as Pneumonia, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis, and Borrelia, that made her recovery journey even more arduous.

Desty persevered in the face of adversity and made impressive strides in her recovery each day. Her name was chosen to reflect her determination to live and achieve a purpose in life. Through the aid of physiotherapy, acupuncture, and the unwavering encouragement of compassionate individuals who collaborated together, she gradually regained her physical abilities.

On the 25th day, something truly amazing happened. Desty, who was thought to be unable to stand up on her own, was caught on camera doing just that when no one was around. This was a miraculous moment and showed how much progress she had made. However, there was still a lot of work to be done. The funds required for her treatment and care were not yet collected, and finding a special home for her full recovery was crucial.

Desty’s tale is a story of valor, durability, and optimism. Despite facing inhumanity, she never gave up and battled for survival. Thanks to the compassionate individuals and committed vets who supported her, she overcame all odds and demonstrated that teamwork can lead to astonishing outcomes. Let’s be a part of Desty’s journey by contributing to her extraordinary rehabilitation efforts.

A kitten with stunning eyes and often found loitering outside her home caught the attention of a couple who wanted to help her. Betty H. and her husband noticed the shy, hungry kitten in late 2018 and decided to develop a plan to gain her trust. They started by leaving food and water for her and gradually moved closer until she became comfortable with their presence. Betty has been feeding the kitten three times a day since then, focusing on building her confidence. As days went by with no owner in sight, the couple realized they had to rescue the kitten. Despite being hesitant at first, the kitten, called Fluffy, began to warm up to Betty’s presence and slowly gained confidence with patience and care.

After some time, he started showing signs of better behavior. Initially, he was afraid of human touch, but gradually, he craved for more attention and affection. Betty mentioned that he used to insist on being touched before eating, indicating his strong desire for human interaction. Witnessing his transformation surprised Betty.

In February 2019, Fluffy was all set and decided to take the leap of faith by following the couple home. The couple was elated with joy as they had succeeded in their objective of bringing the cute little kitten into their family.

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