A Grieving Pup Won’t Budge from Her Dying Mom’s Side, Chooses to Stay by Her Side

The affection that children have for their parents is as strong as the love a mother has for her own babies. Even animals can recognize this bond. A man in India encountered this unique connection between a puppy and his deceased mother when he was hesitant to leave her body.

Upon discovering the dogs, several people hesitated to act due to their fear of the canines’ response. As they pondered on how to handle the situation, Somi stepped forward and took the lead in helping the dogs. Interestingly, Somi had come across a picture of the same puppy lying on her mother’s corpse a few days earlier on Facebook, but did not know where the location was.

VoSD (The Voice of Stray Dogs) reported that a puppy and his mother had been in the area for about a week. It took Somi some time to locate the puppy, and VoSD was unable to locate both canines during that period.

Be on the lookout for individuals trying to make money off of these pictures. Luckily, this adorable pup has already been saved and his mother was humanely put to rest. He will recover in no time and will have plenty of love for the remainder of his days. Big thanks to Somi and VoSD for rescuing the dog and ensuring that the mother had a respectful burial.

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