“A Heartwarming Tale of a Four-Eared, One-Eyed Kitty’s Journey to Finding His Forever Home”

Meet Frankie, also known as Frankenkitten due to his unique appearance. This adorable little cat was born with four ears and unfortunately had to have one of his eyes removed. Despite facing some tough challenges early on, Frankie has adapted well to living with his foster family who have been there to support him every step of the way. You can find more information about Frankie and follow his journey on social media through his Instagram and Facebook pages. Frankie was discovered in a suburban home with another sibling and has been winning hearts ever since.

According to Georgi Anderson, owner of Frankie, the cat was born to a feral mother under a suburban house. Although he was found with one living sibling, there may have been more that did not survive. The homeowners took in Frankie and his brother for several weeks to socialize and fatten them up before bringing them to the shelter for medical care and rehoming.

Frankie’s unique appearance is attributed to his oversized upper jaw, which gives his face an angular look. Upon arriving at the animal shelter, he had two eyes but one had ruptured and needed to be removed. In addition, Frankie experiences joint problems in his hind legs, causing his knees to not sit properly in place. As a result, he walks with a splay-legged gait, and his knees often slide in and out of place. Photo credit: frank_n_kitten.

The image credit is attributed to frank_n_kitten.

According to Georgi, the man’s lower canines were protruding through the roof of his mouth due to an overbite. He also requires knee surgery to stabilize his joints, but Georgi is saving money for it as it is quite expensive. Additionally, the man had dental work done to trim his lower canines just a few millimeters above the gum line. Photo credits go to frank_n_kitten.

Credit for the photo goes to frank_n_kitten. “He walked into the animal shelter with a pair of eyes, but unfortunately one of them had ruptured and needed to be removed.”

Removing his eye was a crucial factor in his survival, as the infection could have become septic and eventually led to his death. Credits for the photo go to Frank and Kitten.

When Frankie arrived at the animal shelter, I was also working there as a foster caregiver. I agreed to take care of him for a week while he recovered from his eye removal surgery. Credit for the image goes to frank_n_kitten.

“Prior to his procedure, I had the opportunity to meet him and was immediately struck by his kind-hearted nature. After bringing him home and taking care of him during his recovery, I came to realize that he possessed a uniqueness that I couldn’t quite express in words.”

The cat’s physical condition has an impact on his daily life in various ways. His small front ears slightly affect his directional hearing, functioning like little earmuffs to his proper ears. He has adapted well to having only one eye, but his night vision is not as good as my other cats. His legs cause him to walk splay-legged, but it does not cause him pain or affect the way he plays or jumps. His mouth is probably the biggest physical factor – he struggles to eat wet food because he cannot get a good grasp on it. He is on a dry food-only diet and has learned to pick kibble with his tongue and bring it into his mouth that way, rather than using his teeth.

Frankie’s daily routine typically involves seeking out various cozy spots to nap and rest throughout the day. He often surprises me in the morning while I’m making breakfast, attempting to climb up my leg before darting off like a wild maniac. Photo credit goes to frank_n_kitten.

The picture captures a sweet moment between two young brothers, named Draco and Lucius Malfoy. They appear to be having a good time playing together, which is heartwarming to see. It’s great to witness the younger brother enjoying the company of his older siblings, Minako and Toothless. Credit for the image goes to frank_n_kitten.

Photo credit: frank_n_kitten

“He tends to sleep a lot more than usual… actually, scratch that, he sleeps a lot more than anyone I know! Then he bothers the dogs and plays pranks on them. He’s quite the mischievous character.”

The cat’s personality is full of mischief, but also endearing because of his sweet side. Although he may not be the smartest feline out there, as evidenced by other cats with four ears. It’s doubtful he would do well outdoors since he would see a car and think it’s something to play with. However, he’s so loving and affectionate, and seems to sense when I’ve had a tough day. I would go as far as saying he has a dog-like personality.

Credit for the image goes to Frank_N_Kitten. Frankie serves as a living example that true beauty stems from within. He and his humans are fortunate to have each other, and there’s a feeling that they will be just fine.

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