A Heroic Canine: Pregnant Dog Saves Lives in Russian Health Facility Fire

In Russia, a pregnant dog is being praised for her sharp instincts that helped save four elderly patients from a fire at a hospice center. The brave dog, named Matilda, suffered severe burns while alerting the residents and was left behind in the burning building by firefighters who rescued the people. However, residents of the city have come together to raise funds for Matilda’s medical treatment. The incident occurred earlier this month in Leningrad, near St. Petersburg. Despite being left behind, the courageous pooch continues to garner support and admiration from people around the world.

Pregnant dog saves people from fire at Russian health centre, suffers severe burns in the process

After a television reporter aired footage of a dog in severe pain due to burns, animal rights activists Alexander Tsinkevich and Elena Kalinina quickly came to the rescue. The dog was taken to Sotnikov’s clinic and shelter, where they discovered that she was pregnant. According to the shelter, the dog, named Matilda, had severe burns on her face, neck, and abdomen, and her muzzle had no fur left. Despite her injuries, the fertility specialist who examined her confirmed that all her puppies were healthy and developing normally, as reported by the Daily Star. The caregivers are working hard to heal Matilda while also caring for her pups.

Pregnant dog saves people from fire at Russian health centre, suffers severe burns in the process

According to updates shared by the shelter, it is expected that the dog will deliver her puppies next week. Thanks to the generous support of people, the shelter is able to keep everyone informed about the progress of Matilda’s pregnancy. Unfortunately, due to severe burns on her abdomen and nipples, Matilda may not be able to nurse her puppies immediately after birth. Reports suggest that the hospice owner was also injured in the fire, leaving no one to care for the dog. Nevertheless, the dedicated clinic staff and volunteers are working hard to ensure that Matilda makes a speedy recovery.

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