Adjusting to the Change: Jennifer Aniston Tinkers with her Platinum Wig on Set of Upcoming Film

Itchy: Jennifer Aniston adjusts her blonde wig on set in Connecticut on Wednesday afternoon

Scratchy: Jennifer Aniston is seen tweaking her blonde wig during filming in Connecticut on a Wednesday afternoon.

A different look: Even as she prepared to film a scene for the untitled Elmore Leonard project, the star did not seem comfortable

A fresh perspective: Despite getting ready to shoot a sequence for the Elmore Leonard project with the lead actress, it was evident that she wasn’t at ease.

Distraction: Jen grabs a quick snack between takes in the crime flick

Distraction: Jen grabs a quick snack between takes in the crime flick

While taking a break from filming the crime movie, Jen indulges in a brief snack to keep her going.

Not loved: The A-lister plays a wife who is kidnapped but her husband refuses to pay the ransom because he does not want her back

Unwanted: The popular actress portrays the role of a spouse who gets abducted, but her partner declines to hand over the ransom to the captors because he has no interest in reuniting with her.

Chance of snow: On Tuesday Jen also wore a fur-trimmed coat and warm boots but added a woolly beret

Possible paraphrased version:

There was a possibility of snow on Tuesday, so Jen dressed up in a cozy outfit consisting of a coat with fur trimmings and sturdy boots to keep her warm. As a final touch, she put on a woolly beret to cover her head and stay stylish at the same time.

Not beach weather: Jennifer, who spent the New Year with fiance Justin Theroux and friends in lovely 80-plus degree Cabo San Lucas, chatted with the crew as the snow fell

Jennifer spent her New Year holiday in Cabo San Lucas with her fiance Justin Theroux and some friends. However, it seems that the weather was not suitable for a beach trip as the snow was falling back home. She had a relaxed chat with the crew while reminiscing about her tropical vacation.

Golden girl: Jennifer is definitely more comfortable wearing a bikini, as she did here in Mexico during her recent holiday with Justin and friends Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney

Jennifer seems to feel at ease when sporting a two-piece swimsuit, which she flaunted during her recent vacation in Mexico with Justin and their buddies Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Jimmy Kimmel, and Molly McNearney. She’s definitely a golden girl who loves to soak up the sun!

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