Burying Her Precious Pups Once More: A Heartbreaking Tale of Loss and Love

A heart-wrenching clip depicts a mother dog in utter despair as she digs up her puppies’ graves, trying to take them away. The tragic incident took place in Suzhou, Anhui Province, China when the puppies were born with health issues. According to the owner, Mr Qin, two of the puppies passed away during childbirth, and their remains were buried. However, the mother dog kept digging up the grave, and this happened repeatedly.

The initial clip displays a dog holding onto a lifeless puppy in its mouth, while the owner shows affection towards it and tries to take the body away from the dog’s grasp. The second video portrays a mother dog licking the remains of two puppies that were buried in a shallow grave. This indicates that the mother may have dug up the soil to reach her deceased puppies.

The owner of a sad-looking dog manages to comfort it with loving touches, as seen in the first video. In the third video, the same dog is seen carrying one of its dead puppies while walking down a road. To conclude the video, the owner takes the puppy from the dog’s mouth and holds its lifeless body in his hand.

It is unclear if additional pups made it through the birthing process. You can watch the video, but be advised that it includes potentially distressing visuals.

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