“Easily Plant Primulas: Uncovering the Optimal Season to Cultivate 22 Dazzling Seed Types”

Don’t waste your seeds! If you’re not planning to sow them right away, you can keep the seed packets in a glass jar with a lid and store it in the fridge (not freezer) until you need them. This easy trick can help you preserve the seeds for a few years.

A great time to start planting polyanthus, acaulis, and auricula is during the months of February to April. It’s best to wait until March or April to plant in soil that’s hard to work with, but a light frost can actually help with germination.

Spring flowers can be appreciated by planting them before the month of May comes to a close. However, if you must, sowing is still possible until the end of July, provided that you take care to keep the soil sufficiently damp and cool.

Picking the appropriate compost for primula plants is a crucial step. The usage of fertilizers can pose a threat to these plants, as they contain excessive mineral salts. In stronger combinations, it may impede the growth of the plant or even cause the young roots to wither away. Hence, seed compost that is gritty and fibrous should be opted for. These characteristics allow sufficient air circulation for the roots to thrive. Fine compost, on the other hand, restricts the air supply and leads to root damage.

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