From Abandoned to Adored: A Puppy’s Journey to Finding a Furry Best Friend and a New Beginning

The history of this canine companion is a mystery. One thing is for sure, neglect was his fate as he suffered from a severe case of mange that consumed his entire body, leaving him looking like a fictional character. Upon first glance, some mistook him for the wizarding world’s beloved Dobby, Harry Potter’s loyal house-elf friend.

Dobby is the adorable name that was given to him by a caring girl who saw his story on Facebook and decided to adopt him. Cane Corso Rescue rescued him from a car wash and provided him with a safe haven while they searched for someone to give him a loving home.

Brylee Powell’s application to adopt a dog was approved within a week. However, she was informed that the dog she wanted was very afraid of humans. Despite this warning, Brylee was determined to help the dog and promised to do everything in her power to make him feel comfortable. When she finally met the dog, named Dobby, he surprised her by sitting calmly on her lap and showing no signs of fear.

However, once they reached Brylee’s house, everything changed. Dobby became very scared of his new environment and would often hide or growl at Brylee when she tried to comfort him. This sudden change in behavior left Brylee feeling upset. Despite feeling a connection with him on the way home, Dobby seemed to have become suspicious of humans once again, likely caused by past sad experiences.

Brylee was determined to win Dobby’s trust and make him happy. She never left his side, constantly showing him love and affection. Eventually, Dobby’s heart melted and he began to open up. Although he still has fears of humans, he and Brylee have become great friends. He sticks to her like glue and their bond remains unchanged, even after becoming internet famous. As Dobby’s physical appearance improved, so did his personality. He now enjoys playing with other dogs and is slowly becoming more comfortable around people, especially when they are close to Brylee.

“This little cutie just loves going on our morning walks,” Powell exclaimed with enthusiasm. Dobby, the furry bundle of joy, simply adores spending time with his family and playing with his canine cousins. Lounging in the sun and relishing his favorite bully sticks are some of his favorite pastimes, along with snuggling up with his piggy stuffed animal. And, of course, a scoop of ice cream every now and then never fails to put a smile on his face. Brylee has worked tirelessly since adopting Dobby in September 2020 to help him overcome his trust issues and learn to love again. It’s been a challenging but rewarding journey for both of them.”

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