Heartbreaking plea for help: Little paralyzed puppy left to fend for itself on the streets

A small creature was discovered in a pagoda, dragging herself and in a terrible condition – malnourished, dehydrated, and anemic. Even though there was proof of a dog attack, no one offered any help. The poor creature only required proper sustenance and hydration, but she was unfortunately left to suffer alone and had become incapable of walking. Thankfully, kind-hearted rescuers were notified of her plight and were able to render aid.

Consider the strength and courage she must have possessed to endure such a difficult situation. Despite the challenges she faced, she was able to persevere on her own until she was eventually brought to Talingchan Veterinary Hospital. It was there that doctors discovered she had endured multiple dog bites and suffered from spinal and back leg fractures.

Despite being wounded by a dog and deprived of food and water, he managed to survive the ordeal. Unfortunately, he sustained injuries that made it impossible for him to walk. Thankfully, rescuers got to him just in time after receiving a distress signal and offered the necessary aid.

Take a moment to admire her exceptional fortitude in withstanding such agony and adversity. Upon being admitted to Talingchan Veterinary Hospital, it was determined that she had sustained severe injuries from dog bites, and her spine and hind legs were also fractured.

There is a chance that she may never be able to walk again. The vets tried their best, but her injuries were quite serious. They didn’t give up and did all that they could to help her. She will continue to receive therapy at the sanctuary where she is loved and cared for, and will have regular check-ups every other week with the doctor.

We remain optimistic that this lovely being will be able to run and enjoy activities without any hindrances. We are overwhelmed with appreciation for all those who aided in saving and rehabilitating this treasured little being. Let us keep her in our minds and hearts and provide her with the love and encouragement she deserves.

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