“Jennifer Aniston’s Chic Disguise for Pregnancy Speculations: How She Nailed the Hat and Jacket Combo on the Stylish Streets of NYC”

During a recent trip to the Bahamas with her husband Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston sparked pregnancy rumors with her slightly fuller midsection. When she was seen in New York City, her stomach caught the attention of many. However, the 47-year-old actress appeared to be tired of all the speculation, choosing to cover her waist with an olive green hat and blue denim jacket on Friday.

Don't look there!  Aniston used an olive green hat to hide her midsection when she was spotted out in NYC on Friday after she was forced to deny she was pregnant

Oh, check this out! Jennifer Aniston opted for a stylish olive green hat to cover up her stomach while photographers snapped photos of her casually walking around New York City last week. This move came shortly after she dismissed rumors about being pregnant.

Rain? The blonde bombshell looked up at the sky as if she was curious about inclement weather

The woman with blonde hair looked up at the sky, showing interest in the possibility of rain. In a recent InTouch Weekly article, it was suggested that Jennifer and Justin were excited to expand their family just ten months after tying the knot. The magazine used photos of the couple enjoying a beach vacation in the Bahamas as evidence of Jennifer sporting a baby bump. A close friend of the couple verified to the magazine that Jennifer is, in fact, expecting a baby and both she and Justin are thrilled by the news. The source revealed that Jennifer has longed to have a child with Justin for quite some time. This news came during a difficult period for Jennifer, following the recent loss of her mother, and a rough patch in their relationship. However, the surprise pregnancy has brought them closer and lifted their spirits.

More props: The 47-year-old actress also held up a blue denim jacket to cloak her waist

Besides her clothing, the 47-year-old actress flaunted a stylish blue denim jacket draped casually around her waist.

A summer look: The Mother's Day actress wore a tight black tank top and ruby mini skirt for her outing

To enjoy her day off, the leading lady from the movie Mother’s Day rocked a summer-inspired look. She paired a figure-hugging black tank top with a vibrant ruby mini skirt, exuding effortless summer vibes.

No smiles here: The wife of Justin Theroux appeared downcast most likely because the normally shy star has had the focus on her body all week

No smiles here: The wife of Justin Theroux appeared downcast most likely because the normally shy star has had the focus on her body all week

It appeared that Justin Theroux’s wife was feeling a bit down, possibly because of the focus on her appearance over the past week. Her serious expression suggests that she may not be feeling very happy at the moment.

The golden lining: The Friends vet wore a gold necklace that nicely matched her gold-rimmed aviators

The bright side: The former Friends star rocked a gorgeous gold necklace that perfectly matched her stylish gold-framed aviator sunglasses.
Last year, Jennifer, who was once married to Brad Pitt for five years, revealed her hope to start a family with her current boyfriend Justin. Although there were rumors suggesting she was more focused on her acting career than becoming a mother, Jennifer dismissed these claims and emphasized her dedication to achieving her dream of motherhood. She mentioned feeling a strong pull towards something greater in her life, which could very well involve starting a family.

The photo that made fans wonder: Aniston was accused of being pregnant after she displayed a fuller midsection while on holiday in the Bahamas with husband Justin earlier this month

Jennifer Aniston’s latest photo from her Bahamas getaway with husband Justin has caused quite a stir among her admirers. Observers have noticed a change in her midsection, prompting speculation about a possible pregnancy.

The talk: InTouch magazine had claimed that Jennifer and Justin, 44, were 'ecstatic' to be starting a family 10 months after tying the knot, using the pictures of the lovebirds on the beach in the Bahamas to claim that she has a 'bump'

According to InTouch magazine, there were claims that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were overjoyed to announce the news of a baby on the way, only 10 months post their wedding. Evidence was cited from their beach photos in the Bahamas, where a noticeable bump on Jennifer’s stomach caught people’s attention.

'She's pregnant,' a friend of the couple confirmed to the magazine in its Wednesday edition. 'She and Justin are ecstatic. Jen has wanted to have a baby with Justin for years.

'She's pregnant,' a friend of the couple confirmed to the magazine in its Wednesday edition. 'She and Justin are ecstatic. Jen has wanted to have a baby with Justin for years.

According to a source close to Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, rumors of the couple expecting a baby were circulating in InTouch’s latest edition. However, Aniston’s spokesperson quickly shut down the speculation, clarifying that she is not pregnant and that any appearance of a baby bump was likely just due to a satisfying meal and feeling comfortable on their private property. Recently, Aniston was seen trying to conceal her stomach, which seemed flat. She was seen wearing a black tank top that showed off her toned arms and a ruby-colored mini skirt with an Indian print that appeared to wrap around. Her hair was styled in effortless beach waves, and she completed the look with black flip-flops, giving her a relaxed and Malibu-ready appearance.

Not true, he said: Soon after InTouch's claim, Aniston's rep denied the Along Came Polly star was with child

As per his words, the report from InTouch regarding Aniston’s alleged pregnancy is incorrect. Aniston’s spokesperson quickly shut down the speculation. She added a touch of style to her attire with a gold necklace and aviator sunglasses. Despite being escorted by a robust security guard, she left in a black SUV, without revealing where she was headed. At a later time, she was seen sporting the same outfit, now complemented by a denim jacket that she had in her hands before.

She's back! Later, she was spotted again in the same outfit, but wearing the denim jacket she was holding earlier

Can you believe it? She’s back again, dressed in the same outfit but this time rocking a denim jacket she was holding onto.

Peculiar: While she was obviously still on a mission to prove she was not pregnant, she couldn't seem to move her hands away from her stomach

Peculiar: While she was obviously still on a mission to prove she was not pregnant, she couldn't seem to move her hands away from her stomach

Different: Even though she tried to downplay the rumors of her pregnancy, Jennifer Aniston couldn’t help but keep her hands on her belly. With some free time on her hands this season, it must be a nice break after finishing up filming Office Christmas Party with Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, and Kate McKinnon. She was also busy working on The Yellow Birds with Tye Sheridan and Jack Huston not too long ago. Jennifer recently took a trip to the Bahamas after the passing of her estranged mother Nancy Dow, who had been battling an illness for quite some time and passed away at the age of 79.

There's that jacket again! The Horrible Bosses 2 actress again used her denim cover up to hide her midsection when out with Theroux on Thursday night at The Smile in NYC's SoHo neighborhood

That denim jacket is definitely back in style! While hanging out with Theroux at The Smile in SoHo, New York City, the actress, known for her role in Horrible Bosses 2, cleverly used her trusty denim jacket to hide her stomach once again.

Another cover up: The A-lister here used her bag to deflect attention from her front while out in the Big Apple on Wednesday

A well-known star was seen trying to shift the focus away from her cleavage by clutching a stylish purse as she roamed the streets of New York City. Reports emerged that the duo paid their respects at Nancy’s Los Angeles abode shortly after her passing in May. Despite a rocky relationship in the past, Nancy and Jennifer managed to reconcile their differences before Nancy’s unfortunate demise. Nonetheless, it was revealed that Nancy did not make the guest list of 70 attendees invited to Justin and Jennifer’s lavish wedding at her opulent Bel Air home the previous year. The couple threw a lavish birthday bash for Justin’s 44th, in the company of A-list pals like Howard Stern, Chelsea Handler, Orlando Bloom, Sia, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and John Krasinski, surprising everyone with a spontaneous wedding ceremony.

Too much pressure! Jennifer revealed last year that she would like to start a family with Justin, and denied that she had deliberately put her acting career first; here they are seen in January

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