Overcoming Hardship: The Remarkable Fortitude of a Defenseless Canine Against Cruelty

Harold was born in a puppy mill, a cruel place where dogs are confined to small cages and bred repeatedly for profit. Such conditions can result in serious health problems for the animals, including heart disease, blood disorders, kidney issues, deafness, and even permanent paralysis due to overbreeding.


Harold, right after his birth, was unintentionally auctioned off for $7,000. Luckily, his new proprietor provided him with excellent care and nursed him back to health when he became ill with an upper respiratory illness.


One day, Harold’s hind legs stopped working. It was unexpected and happened all of a sudden. This was due to his previous owners overbreeding him, which resulted in a spinal curvature similar to scoliosis. As a result, Harold lost all feeling in his back legs. Luckily, he was rescued by Dallas DoggRRR, an animal rescue organization. They quickly took him to an animal hospital where he stayed for two days. Unfortunately, Harold had a tough time eating without throwing up during his stay at the hospital.


During an urgent exploratory surgery, doctors discovered several irregularities in Harold’s intestines, such as ulcerations and a stricture. Additionally, they noted abdominal adhesions, enlarged lymph nodes, elevated liver levels, and the presence of gastro fluid in his stomach and esophagus.


Over the course of many years, a little boy has been residing in Dallas DogRRR and has become a widely-adored mascot and spokesperson for the rescue organization on various social media platforms. Despite his diminutive size, he has demonstrated incredible fortitude and perseverance throughout his time there. However, it is heartbreaking for the team to witness his suffering and they are utilizing all available means to aid him.


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