Puppy with just 2 working legs is happy at VOSD

In 2021, a dog lover wrote to VOSD about a puppy he had rescued – “A dog had picked up a 21-day-old puppy. When its mother pulled it out of the dog’s mouth, the pup’s legs got twisted.” He sent us pictures of the little one where it was obvious the forelimbs were dislocated. The kind man knew the pup wouldn’t survive on the streets in this condition so he requested us to admit him for lifelong care.
That’s how ‘Paltu Junior’ came to VOSD. It’s been two years and quite an eventful journey at that! The adorable boy entertains us with his antics especially while playing with our other special needs dogs like Anokhi, Barfi, and Rakhi. They wrestle and play rough like siblings but will quickly snuggle for a nap together. He is equally loving with humans and will hop up to his caregivers for pets and scratches.
Since Paltu Jr is a special needs dog, we have subject him to routine health check-ups and blood tests. So far all his results are normal and he is 100% healthy!

Paltu Junior’s journey at VOSD has been nothing short of remarkable. This little pup, with his twisted forelimbs and a challenging start to life, has defied the odds and become a beloved member of the VOSD family.

Upon his arrival, Paltu Junior captured the hearts of everyone with his irresistible charm. His playful nature and mischievous antics brought joy to both humans and his furry companions. Watching him interact with other special needs dogs like Anokhi, Barfi, and Rakhi was a sight to behold. They formed a tight-knit pack, wrestling and playing rough like true siblings, but always finding comfort in each other’s company.

At VOSD, Paltu Junior has received the best care possible. Recognizing his special needs, our dedicated team has provided him with routine health check-ups and regular blood tests. The results have been consistently reassuring, showing that Paltu Jr is in excellent health, defying any concerns that arose from his initial injuries.

Beyond his physical well-being, Paltu Junior has also shown an incredible capacity for love and affection. He eagerly seeks out the company of his caregivers, hopping up to them for pets and scratches. His gratitude and trust in humans are evident in his gentle demeanor and wagging tail.

Two years have passed since Paltu Junior joined the VOSD family, and his transformation is awe-inspiring. From a vulnerable puppy with twisted forelimbs to a thriving, happy dog, he has blossomed under the care and love he receives every day. His journey serves as a testament to the resilience of animals and the impact that compassion and dedicated care can have on their lives.

As we continue to provide Paltu Junior with a safe and nurturing environment, we are reminded of the countless other animals in need of help. Each day, VOSD strives to create a world where all animals receive the care and love they deserve, regardless of their physical or emotional challenges.

Paltu Junior’s story is not just one of survival but also of hope and inspiration. He has touched the lives of everyone at VOSD, reminding us of the incredible strength and spirit that lies within animals. His journey serves as a powerful reminder that every life, no matter how small or disadvantaged, is worth fighting for.

In the years to come, we will continue to cherish and care for Paltu Junior, ensuring that he lives a life filled with love, happiness, and endless opportunities for play and companionship. And with every step he takes, Paltu Junior becomes a beacon of hope for all animals in need, reminding us that with a little kindness and compassion, we can transform lives and make a difference in the world.

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