“Retiree’s Home Turned into Haven for 80 Senior Dogs in Need of Hospice Care”

Introducing Valerie Reid, a kind-hearted woman who couldn’t stand the thought of senior dogs being left alone in their final days. She transformed her own home into a hospice to provide care and comfort for these furry friends.

Missouri’s Whispering Willows senior Dog Sanctuary, a non-profit organization, is currently providing care for around 80 dogs simultaneously. The idea for the sanctuary was born in 2017 when Valerie faced difficulties in finding a residence for her elderly Doberman, which belonged to her father.

The woman mentioned that she and her spouse had reached their city’s pet limit and couldn’t adopt another animal. They searched extensively for rescues that could assist them, but because of the pet’s age, none of them were willing to take her in.

Valeria now provides a home for elderly dogs whose owners have either passed away or moved into a retirement community. These furry friends have often been stuck in shelters for extended periods of time before finding a new place to call home with Valeria.

Our furry friends are free to roam around and move between our two buildings without any restrictions. They accompany us wherever we go and are considered as esteemed members of our household.

Valerie Reid, a mother from Missouri, has created a sanctuary for senior dogs in her home called Whispering Willows. Her passion for providing a safe and loving environment for these elderly pups has led her to care for up to 80 at a time. What she finds most rewarding is seeing the transformation these dogs undergo when they realize they are safe and loved.

Valerie Reid, a 44-year-old compassionate dog lover, initiated a non-profit organization called Whispering Willows senior Dog Sanctuary. Her main aim is to provide a comfortable home for elderly dogs who are either abandoned or their owners move into a retirement facility. She believes that these pooches deserve love and care in their final days rather than being left alone in a shelter.

According to Valerie, who is the president of the charity, their dogs live freely and move between the two buildings. They are treated like family members and accompany them wherever they go. The main objective of the charity is to assist people in preparing for their final days because nobody knows what the future holds. Although it is painful to say goodbye to the elderly, the charity considers it an honor to provide them with love and comfort during their final moments.

Initially, my aim was to assist individuals like my father who were unable to provide care for their aging furry friends. However, as I delved deeper, I realized the immense number of dogs that required attention and assistance. It’s an easily overlooked aspect of animal rescue. As a result, my partner Josh and I decided to relocate from Kansas City to Hermitage Missouri, where we established a sanctuary for these dogs. Our new abode encompasses a spacious 3,000 square foot home, along with a separate 1,700 square foot outbuilding reserved solely for the canines in our care.

Valerie is amazed at how much her sanctuary has grown beyond her expectations, and she feels elated to have so many adorable dogs who reciprocate her affection. Her ultimate wish is to make sure that all the dogs under her care feel loved before they pass away. Currently, Valerie has a team of 17 dedicated staff members who provide round-the-clock attention to the 80 dogs in their care. Since its inception, the sanctuary has given comfort to more than 790 dogs, ensuring they transition into the afterlife with love and dignity.

The aim is to ensure that these animals feel loved and valued before they depart from this world. We embrace them tightly and often shed tears together because they are like our family members and we hold them dear to our hearts. It’s essential to prepare for the future, not just for our spouses and offspring, but also for our dear pets. Death isn’t a scary thing; it’s a privilege to grow old, and eventually, we will all face it. Our sanctuary is doing everything possible to assist as many elderly dogs as possible. However, the number of dogs needing help is overwhelming, and the medical bills are piling up. We’re hoping to raise awareness about the significant need for senior care and our sanctuary. Take a look at the video below for more visuals.

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