Shy Canine Discovers Safe Haven and Boundless Affection from Devoted Caretaker – Pet Journal

The National Rescue Center, known as Animals Care Media, is based in Mexico and has multiple smaller locations throughout underdeveloped countries. Unfortunately, due to the poverty of the inhabitants, animals are not given the respect they deserve. They frequently end up being abandoned, left to live in garbage dumps, and not considered important. The organization’s goal is to rescue these forgotten creatures by adopting abandoned animals and nursing injured ones back to health.

A follower of Animals Care Media recently shared a video with them, featuring a small puppy residing in close proximity to a landfill area. Despite facing difficulties in finding nourishment, the puppy scavenges for food in that unsanitary location. Additionally, the poor canine lacks trust in humans.

The compassionate man attempted to catch the animal, but was unsuccessful in his attempts. Consequently, he reached out to Animals Care Media for assistance. A rescuer was dispatched to the location and searched through all the landfills in hopes of finding the creature. Despite their efforts, the animal remained elusive and hidden. Eventually, the rescuer discovered the animal taking shelter under a pile of firewood, seeking warmth and solace.

After being rescued, the little guy was taken to a caring home where he underwent some tests and was given a substantial meal. This precious pup is a male and appears to be between 2-3 months old, weighing in at a healthy 1.8 kilograms. He’s absolutely delightful, brimming with energy and always ready for adventure!

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