“Spruce Up Your Indoor Space: 18 Stunning Houseplants with Low Maintenance Requirements”

The Natan lily is a perennial plant that hails from South Africa and Swaziland. It is an excellent choice for indoor blooming due to its resilient nature and bright orange, exotic-looking flowers that bloom in winter and spring. The plant has tongue-like, leathery leaves that are dark green and glossy, making it an attractive foliage houseplant. Propagation is easy, and maintenance is low with only a need to keep the plant in a cool place for three weeks during winter to encourage early blossoming. This plant is a recipient of the Award of Garden Merit and is popular among flowering houseplants. For those wanting something original, there is a yellow variety called Clivia miniata var. citrina. It benefits from fresh air outdoors during warm months. Another popular flowering houseplant is the Flamingo Flower (Anthurium Andreanum).

The Flamingo flower is named after its colorful bird counterpart and is sure to make a statement with its stunning blooms. The fiery red, glossy and waxy spathe, resembling a big lacquered heart up to 6 inches long (15 cm), is what truly catches the eye, accompanied by a saffron yellow spadix. There are also white and pink varieties, all easy to find and equally beautiful. Not only will you have flowers all year round, but the large, dark green, heart-shaped leaves up to 12 inches long (30cm) add a touch of tropical forest to your indoor décor. It’s no surprise that it won the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. Despite its show-stopping appearance, the Flamingo flower is low maintenance and affordable, making it an excellent value for money and time saved. Another plant worth mentioning is the Star of Betlehem (Ornithogalum Dubium).

There are numerous slipper orchids that make great houseplants, but Venus is a standout with its delightful blossoms. Its petals are wide and short, creamy in color with charming purple dots, forming a triangular shape. The labellum, or slipper, is white and relatively small for this genus, while the flowers are about 3 inches across and highly fragrant. The oval leaves are broad, fleshy, and glossy, with a dark green hue and small silver patches. Despite its small size, Venus slipper orchid is relatively easy to cultivate. It is native to South East Asia and typically grows on steep limestone cliffs. Venus slipper orchid can grow in USDA zones 9 to 12, and it prefers medium indirect light. These plants bloom throughout the spring and summer, growing to be around 3 to 4 inches tall and 4 to 6 inches in spread. To cultivate Venus slipper orchid, use an orchid bark-based potting mix, adding up to 50% perlite, pumice, and charcoal if desired. To keep the plant evenly humid, soak the pot in room temperature water once a week, using a transparent pot. Another great houseplant option is the Flaming Katy (Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana).

The African violet is undoubtedly one of the most beloved indoor plants due to its charming and sweet blooming. Its delicate appearance belies the stunning, round flowers that come in a range of vibrant colors such as purple, pink, blue, red, and white. The broad, soft, and furry leaves provide a perfect crown for this pretty blossom. Despite its small stature, this plant can work wonders on a small coffee table or bookshelf, but it requires some special attention.

Overwatering is a common cause of death for African violets, so avoiding it is crucial. It’s worth noting that these plants derive their name from a hot but relatively dry continent, with a particular origin in the eastern regions of Africa.

Another enchanting plant that deserves special mention is the Queen of the Night, also known as Epiphyllum Oxypetalum.

The orchid cactus, commonly known as the Queen of the Night, is an amazing houseplant that will definitely leave you in awe. Its name perfectly describes its beauty, and once you witness it for yourself, you’ll understand why it’s such a popular plant.

One of its most striking features are its enormous blooms, which can grow up to 12 inches long and 8 inches across. These flowers have an exotic appearance that you won’t see in many other plants. They are crowned with thin, elongated rays and have stiff, waxy petals that are snow white in color.

Despite their stunning appearance, these flowers only last for one night. However, this doesn’t diminish the breathtaking sight they provide. Additionally, the plant itself has long, flat stems that are lobed and green, making it a beautiful sight throughout the year.

The Queen of the Night is native to Mexico and Guatemala and is a safe bloomer. Despite its tropical appearance, the blossoms are guaranteed to bloom, making it a perfect addition to any plant collection. Another great houseplant is the Persian Cyclamen (Cyclamen Persicum).

Persian violet, a delicate and less cold-resistant relative of Cyclamen coum, is a charming houseplant that is primarily grown for its stunning blooms. The thin stems of this plant bear reflex flowers that are typical of the genus, with some cultivars displaying large flowers in shades of purple, pink, magenta, red, or white. Additionally, some of these blooms are fragrant. Persian violet is an impressive marathon bloomer, providing a steady stream of blossoms for around three months. Its heart-shaped leaves are fleshy, prostrate, and a deep green color with silver patterns. As an indoor companion, Persian violet must not be overwatered, as it can suffer. Instead, it should be given a small amount of water from beneath on a regular basis to keep it happy.

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