The Unraveling of an Unusual Fruit’s Mystery by a Female Brazilian Gardener –

Further proof of Brazil’s association with sensuality has recently surfaced. A female gardener working in the city of San Jose de Ribamar in northern Brazil stumbled upon a peculiar discovery: the fruit of her Lacre plant bears a striking resemblance to a male genitalia.

Usually, this native fruit has a round shape and tastes delicious with a flavor similar to a Brazilian cocktail called Caipirinhas.

Although no unusual Lacre fruit has ripened yet, the owner of the plant, Maria Rodrigues de Aguiar Farias (53 years old), said that tourists have flocked to see the “weird” fruit, and she has started charging admission fees.

She said, “If you want to look, it costs 2 reals (about 1 USD), if you want to take a photo, I charge 15 reals (about 9 USD), and if you want to shoot a video, you have to pay 20 reals (about 12 USD).”

According to G1, a local plant expert has examined this plant and said that it is beneficial to health. Marcelo Cavallari, a member of Brazil’s agricultural research group, said that while waiting for the fruit to ripen to see how sweet it tastes, its outward appearance is not a reason to be ashamed.

Cavallari added, “It’s very big and thick, probably 15-20 cm long.”

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