Unfazed and Fabulous: Jennifer Aniston Hits the Oscars with Sass and Style, Ready to Shine regardless of Academy Snub

Despite receiving praise for her performance in the movie Cake, Jennifer Aniston was snubbed by the prestigious awards show for an Oscar nomination. However, the 45-year-old actress showed grace as she took on presenting duties at the 87th Annual event at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Jennifer still managed to steal the show with her stunning nude Versace gown adorned with beads and sequins, proving that she is a winner in the fashion department.

Golden girl: Jennifer Aniston wowed on the red carpet in a nude Versace gown for the 87th Academy Awards on Sunday

Jennifer Aniston looked absolutely stunning at the 87th Academy Awards in a gorgeous nude Versace dress. The dress had a sheer strap on one shoulder and a stylish knee-high split on the other side. Instead of a traditional awards show updo, Jennifer kept her golden blonde hair down, framing her bare shoulders perfectly. Accompanying her was her fiance, Justin Theroux, who added his own touch of style with an edgy skinny tie, deviating from the usual bow tie look.

Keeping it classy: Jen's frock featured a delicate sheer strap on the right shoulder and a knee-high split on the left leg

Staying elegant: Jen’s dress had a subtle see-through strap on one shoulder and a stylish slit up to the knee on the opposite side.

Red-hot couple: The 45-year-old actress was joined by fiance Justin Theroux who looked dapper in a black suit and skinny tie

Power couple alert! The 45-year-old actress was accompanied by her fiancé Justin Theroux, who was sharp and stylish in a sleek black suit and skinny tie.

The look of love: The couple gazed adoringly at each other on the red carpet at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood

The couple shared a loving gaze on the red carpet at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, showing the depth of their affection for each other. While Jennifer Aniston is known for her roles in romantic comedies like Along Came Polly and Bruce Almighty, she showed her range with one of her first dramatic roles in Cake. In the film, she portrays Claire Bennett, a woman grappling with personal tragedy and chronic pain, leading her to explore themes of suicide. Critics praised Aniston’s performance, noting her potential seen previously in The Good Girl, where she took on a darker, more daring role in the art-house hit.

10 out of 10: It was clear the Horrible Bosses star was pleased with her Oscar-worthy look

Perfect score: The Horrible Bosses actress clearly embraced her red-carpet-worthy appearance.

Doing the honours: The Cake star will be presenting an award during the evening's ceremony

Taking charge: The actor from The Cake will have the honor of presenting a prestigious award at the event.

Oh hey! The couple were all smiles as they waved to pals in the bustling marquee

Hey there! The happy pair greeted their friends with big smiles as they waved from the lively tent. The Friends star received Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice nominations for that role more than ten years ago.
The day after not getting an Oscar nomination in January, Aniston was promoting Cake and noticed a poster declaring her performance as ‘Oscar-worthy.’

So good to see you: The Good Girl actress gave fellow star Emma Stone a huge squeeze on the red carpet

It was wonderful to catch up with The Good Girl star as she warmly embraced her fellow actress Emma Stone on the red carpet.

With a joyful smile, she jokingly commented, “Now that’s ‘Oscar-worthy’ for you!” She went on to explain how grateful she felt for the positive reception of their movie, which had just wrapped up shooting less than a year ago.

And just when she thought things couldn’t get any better, the Golden Raspberry Foundation surprised everyone by introducing a new award category, the Razzie Redeemer Award. This award aims to acknowledge former Razzie recipients who have shown significant improvement in their work, a heartwarming change from their usual comedic jabs at bad movies.

Okay ladies, break it up: The former Friends star kept a firm grip on her young pal

Hey gals, let’s split it up: The ex-Friends actress held onto her little buddy tightly.

Selfie time: Jennifer and Justin sneaked into JLo's selfie that she uploaded during the ceremony

Time for a selfie: Jennifer and Justin photobombed JLo’s selfie that she shared during the event.

Powdering her nose: The star was seen having a quick touch-up backstage

Touching up her makeup: The celebrity was spotted quickly freshening up backstage. Aniston is in the running for the Redeemer Award for her performance in Cake. “It’s really heartwarming,” she genuinely remarked. “Getting a positive Razzie is quite a nice surprise.” Aniston has been nominated for a Razzie four times, although she has never won. Her nominations are mainly for her roles in a series of romantic comedies that may not have been critically acclaimed, but were still box office hits.

The fun never ends: Jen and Justin were later seen arriving at the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills

The party never stops: Jen and Justin were spotted making a grand entrance at the prestigious 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills.

Too adorable: The couple, who have been together since 2011, looked smitten as ever

Absolutely precious: The pair, whose love story began back in 2011, appeared completely in love as always.

Off they go: The duo certainly appeared to be in the party mood

Off they went: The pair seemed ready to have a great time at the party.

With her filmography mainly filled with romantic comedies, Aniston wasn’t shocked when Cake director Daniel Barnz approached her to audition for the challenging role of Claire Simmons.
Aniston shared, “When you constantly do one type of role, you start to doubt if you can handle something like this. You question yourself and wonder if the industry sees something in you that you don’t see in yourself.”

Girlfriends: The Cake actress cosied up to five-time Oscar-nominee Amy Adams

Girlfriends: The star of Cake was seen getting all cozy with the five-time Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams.

Catching up: The American Hustle star wore a similar strapless beaded number to Jen

Reconnecting: The actor from American Hustle donned a strapless beaded dress that resembled Jen’s outfit.

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