“Brave Pitbull Defends Children from Ferocious Cougar Attack”

Allow me to introduce you to Morocho, the brave Dogo who fearlessly saved two young girls from a puma attack. Recently, Dr. Nores Martines’ grandson, Ulises, took a trip to La Cocha to complete some work along with his 10-year-old daughter, Sofa. Their plan was to finish their tasks and return home on the same day. Upon arrival at the estancia, Ulises started working with the supervisor, Tomas, while Sofa and Yoli, Tomas’s daughter, sought permission to pick and eat figs from a colossal fig tree located 700 yards away from the main house. That’s where the courageous Morocho comes in!

Yoli had an intense craving for the most delicious figs that she knew could only be found at the tree’s highest point. So, determined to satisfy her taste buds, she decided to climb the tree’s towering trunk. However, little did she know that she was in for a surprise – she wasn’t the only one after the tasty fruit. As she climbed higher, the sound of rustling leaves and creaking branches surrounding her became audible.

Unbeknownst to her, a stealthy puma – also called a mountain lion or cougar – had taken refuge in the very same tree. Suddenly, she looked up and saw the immense puma descending from the uppermost boughs. Caught off guard, the animal lashed out with its paw, sending her sprawling backwards from a height of two meters.

Ulises takes great pride in owning Morocho, a highly respected dogo. During an exploration of the estancia with Yoli and her father, a sudden commotion with two girls screaming drew their attention, causing Yoli’s father to rush over to help. In the meantime, Morocho bravely confronted a puma, risking his life to protect the girls.

Tomas Bracamonte rushed to investigate a noise, assuming it was a snake, but instead found Morocho in a wounded state. The puma responsible for the attack had already fled the scene. Morocho’s bravery allowed him to save two young girls, and his heroic act was widely recognized and appreciated. It’s essential to acknowledge and honor our guardian angels, and we should also express gratitude towards Morocho for his courageous and selfless actions.

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