Courageous pitbull thwarts cougar attack, rescues two children from danger

Introducing Morocho, the brave Dogo who fearlessly protected two young girls from a puma attack. Recently, Ulises, the grandson of Dr. Nores Martines, embarked on a journey to La Cocha to fulfill some work-related obligations. His plan was to complete his tasks and return home on the same day. Accompanying him was his 10-year-old daughter, Sofa. Upon reaching the estancia, Ulises immediately got to work with Tomas, the supervisor. Meanwhile, Sofa and Yoli, Tomas’s daughter, sought permission to harvest and consume figs from a massive fig tree located 700 yards away from the main house.

Yoli was really craving some juicy figs, but unfortunately they always grow at the very top of the tree. Determined to taste them, she decided to climb up the tall trunk. However, her journey upward didn’t go as planned when she realized she wasn’t the only one there! When she reached a height of around 7 feet, she heard the rustling of the tree and felt the branches twisting around her.

Unbeknownst to her, a puma – sometimes referred to as a mountain lion or cougar – was concealed within the very same tree. Suddenly, she happened to look up and caught sight of the massive puma jumping down from the uppermost branches. Caught off guard, the animal took a swipe at her with its paw, causing her to fall backwards from a distance of two meters.

Ulises is the happy owner of Morocho, a well-respected dogo. He joined Yoli and her father on a trip to explore the estancia. While they were walking, they heard two girls scream for help. Yoli’s father quickly went over to help them, leaving Morocho behind. However, brave Morocho confronted a puma that appeared out of nowhere. He risked his own life to defend the girls and keep them safe.

As soon as a noise caught his attention, Tomas Bracamonte rushed to investigate, fearing it might be a snake. To his surprise, he discovered Morocho, who had sustained severe injuries but was still breathing. The puma that had attacked him had already disappeared. Morocho’s bravery had rescued two young girls, and his gallant act won the admiration of many. We must acknowledge and honor our protectors while also expressing our gratitude to Morocho for his bravery and generosity.

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