Saving a Starving Soul: How One Rescue Mission Saved a Life

Tootsie’s inspiring tale of resilience and optimism

Tootsie is a little dog that has had a rough life. She was once part of the dog meat truck trade and survived to tell the tale. Tootsie is quite fragile, weighing only 2.5 kg and was discovered in a terrible condition. She was suffering from a bacterial infection in her ear, as well as a skin mite infection that had spread throughout her body. On top of that, she had contracted distemper. To add to her troubles, she was also dealing with a degenerative spinal disease and bone spurs along her spine, which made it challenging for her to move or stand up.

Upon discovering Tootsie, the initial course of action was to shave her fur in order to facilitate the healing process of her skin. Medication was also administered to alleviate her diarrhea and pain. Despite these efforts, Tootsie’s condition remained dire due to chronic stiffness in her spine and back legs caused by bone spurs. This necessitated ongoing treatment to manage the issue. Nonetheless, Tootsie demonstrated remarkable strength and tenacity in her will to survive.

Tootsie diligently attended acupuncture sessions thrice a week and followed a daily workout routine to strengthen her legs. Her caretakers provided her with utmost comfort, safety, and nutritious meals while tending to her needs 24/7. Nonetheless, they felt disheartened knowing that they couldn’t offer Tootsie a permanent abode. Witnessing Tootsie’s valiant struggle to survive left them saddened.

Despite Tootsie’s poor health, there were some promising developments that indicated she was on the road to recovery. She exhibited an increased appetite and her overall disposition appeared to improve. Those responsible for her care were optimistic that she would make a full recovery and ultimately find a permanent home where she could live out the remainder of her days in happiness and security. Unfortunately, Tootsie’s body eventually succumbed to her illnesses, but she passed away peacefully.

The story of Tootsie is a heartbreaking illustration of the inhumane and ruthless nature of the dog meat trade. It serves as a painful reminder of the suffering and abuse that many animals endure within this industry. However, Tootsie’s tenacity and resilience in the face of adversity demonstrate the remarkable will to survive that animals possess, despite the dire circumstances they face.

Tootsie holds a special place in the hearts of those who looked after her. Her tale serves as a poignant reminder of our duty to halt the trade of dog meat and to continue advocating for the welfare and rights of all animals. We bid farewell to Tootsie with sweet memories and gratitude, for her story has stirred within us optimism and resilience against acts of inhumanity.

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