The Incredible Story of a Stray Dog Who Survived Multiple Gunshot Wounds to the Head

While driving with a companion, Amal Andari noticed a stray puppy on the side of the road outside Beirut, Lebanon. However, her attention was fully captured when they discovered a severe wound on the puppy’s skull, indicating that the puppy needed urgent medical attention. They quickly took the small dog to a nearby veterinarian, where X-rays revealed multiple pellet gun wounds. It is likely that these wounds were inflicted by adolescents seeking fun, which unfortunately happens frequently in Lebanon, a situation that Amal Andari, a volunteer for the animal welfare organization Animals Lebanon, finds disturbing. The puppy also tested positive for parvovirus, but despite being injured and blinded, it showed tremendous resilience and determination to survive. Named Bondok, the puppy has since received the necessary treatment and is now ready to find a loving, permanent home either within or outside Lebanon, defying the initial 25% chance of survival given to it.

As she paused to offer a drink, she became aware of a significant wound on the person’s head.

Following the puppy’s transfer to a veterinarian in close proximity, it was discovered through X-rays that there was an unexpected revelation.

Local youths had seemingly used a pellet gun to shoot her multiple times, likely for their own entertainment.

Despite being subjected to a brutal assault, she persevered through her injuries, loss of sight, and abandonment, refusing to give up.

Bondok, the furry friend who has now been given a new identity, has proven that miracles do happen as he has made a remarkable comeback.

Bondok is in good spirits and has a clean bill of health, but she is still on the lookout for the perfect permanent residence.

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